Does it hurt?


Best answer is yes. Everyone is different some places hurt worse than others and some tattoos take longer than others. Comparable to scratching a sunburn.


What do you recommend for aftercare?


For basic after care we recommend Dial or Dawn antibacterial hand soap, A+D ointment or Aquaphor by Eucerin, and Non scented hand lotion like Lubriderm. We offer advanced aftercare products in store feel free to ask your artist what they recommend for your tattoo. Everyone is different use what works best for you.


Do you have a shop minimum?


Yes, $80-$100

What is your hourly rate? 


Hourly rate depends on the artist depending on what you are getting done and who is doing it. Typically between $100-200 per hour.


Do you take walk ins?


Yes, but we recommend appointments to guarantee availability.


How do you price tattoos?  


Price is determined primarily by size detail and location of tattoo. For price estimates we recommend scheduling a consultation or sending images and description to The associated shops Facebook page. 


Do you do all day sessions?


Yes, price depends on artist. For sleeve work this is your best pricing option.


Do you require a deposit?


Yes, for all next day appointments a non refundable deposit is required. Typically $50 the cost of which goes towards the final price of your tattoo.


How old do you have to be to get a tattoo?


In the state of Iowa you must be at least 18 with a state or government issued ID there are no exceptions.


How old do you have to be to get pierced?


At the discretion of the piercer. basic earlobe 7+, 16+ without parental consent for most standard piercings, 18+ for   Dermals, lips, tongues, industrials, and nipples. 


What do I need to get a tattoo or piercing?


A state or government issued photo ID is required for all individuals without parental consent.


Is jewelry and aftercare included with piercings?


Yes, standard jewelry and aftercare is included in the price of piercing.  Additional aftercare options are available to purchase!


Do you supply aftercare for tattoos? 


Yes, aftercare instruction sheet, bandage, and after care ointment is given with every tattoo.


What can I do to prepare for getting a piercing or tattoo?


Eat at least 4 hours before coming in. Get a good nights sleep. Bring a friend that’s a good conversationalist. Shave and/or clean area if applicable. 


Can I go swimming or tanning after getting a tattoo? 


We recommend waiting at least two weeks before submerging in water or exposing to direct sunlight.

Do you require deposits for booking tattoo appointments?

Yes we do!  This is assurance of your commitment to coming in for your appointment; we are dedicating the time specifically for you, and your artist is expecting that you will be there at the agreed day and time.  Please read all details below:


 By providing a deposit you hereby agree and consent the understanding of:

  • Tattoo appointments require a minimum $50 deposit (or amount specified by artist discretion) in order to schedule and secure time.

  • Deposits go towards the ending cost of your tattoo.

  • All deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE.

  • All cancellations or reschedules without over 72 hour notice prior to scheduled appointment date will forfeit deposit.

  • No Call/No Shows automatically forfeit the deposit and will require an additional deposit to reschedule.  Repeated failure to show, or rescheduling, may result in being declined any future services.

  • 15 minutes late without notifying artist will automatically forfeit deposit.

  • Changing design drastically more than 2 times, or within 72 hours prior to appointment will forfeit deposit.

  • Deposits left, or cancellations not rescheduled, within 30 days will forfeit deposit.


It is client responsibility to contact the appropriate shop and/or artist if appointment cannot be kept as scheduled.  The more advance notice, the better chance of the deposit to remain in good standing.  We understand emergencies occur, it is per artist discretion for leniency per situation.