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Deposit are assurance of your commitment to coming in for your tattoo appointment; we are dedicating the time specifically for you, and your artist is expecting that you will be there at the agreed day and time. 


Please read all details below:


By providing a deposit you hereby agree and consent the understanding of:

  • Tattoo appointments require a minimum $50-$200 deposit (or other amount specified by artist discretion) in order to schedule and secure time.

  • Deposits go towards the ending cost of your tattoo.

  • All deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE.

  • All cancellations or reschedules without over 72 hour notice prior to scheduled appointment date will forfeit deposit.

  • No Call/No Shows automatically forfeit the deposit and will require an additional deposit to reschedule.  Repeated failure to show, or rescheduling, may result in being declined any future services.

  • 15 minutes late without notifying artist will automatically forfeit deposit.

  • Changing design drastically more than 2 times, or within 72 hours prior to appointment will forfeit deposit.

  • Deposits left, or cancellations not rescheduled, within 30 days will forfeit deposit.


It is client responsibility to contact the appropriate shop and/or artist if appointment cannot be kept as scheduled.  The more advance notice, the better chance of the deposit to remain in good standing.  We understand emergencies occur, it is per artist discretion for leniency per situation.

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